Lose Weight

Is maintaining a comfortable weight a struggle for you? Is your life a constant see-saw of weight gain, weight loss, weight gain? Have you tried most of the fad diets?

Hypnosis may be your answer because it works at a mind level, not a mouth or stomach level, and your weight is determined by your mind. Yes, losing weight is very much about getting your mind right and with hypnosis, it is very easy. This is because your mind works on two levels, the conscious which is only 10% of the mind and the subconscious which is an amazing 90% and holds an array of hidden powers and inner abilities that for many people remain untapped for their entire lives. People enlist all of their will power in an effort to lose weight which is very important, but the will power is a product of the tiny conscious mind which also holds our temporary memory. It is also the analytical reasoning mind.

The subconscious mind on the other hand is like our inner organic computer, it stores every memory since the time of our birth and it represses memories it believes are harmful or painful. It contains all of our automatic body functions and our permanent memory.  It is your subconscious mind that gives you those hunger pangs in the middle of the day telling you to feel hungry at that particular time because it also holds our habits.

Hypnosis is by far the most effective and fastest method of changing the emotional / feeling thought patterns in a person’s subconscious mind. Once the emotional attachment to food is removed, the feeling or desire to eat junk food or eat to excess is gone. The person will loose weight automatically in a healthy manner. Another benefit, which may be surprising, is food becomes so much more enjoyable. A lot of people who are overweight feel guilty about eating and therefore do not enjoy their food, once the emotional / feeling thought patterns are changed a person can get great pleasure from eating food that is good for them and in a quantity that is right for them.

Once the excess weight is gone, you will feel better; you will look better and have much more confidence.

You CAN lose weight and you CAN be the person that you want to be.