Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking today…….it can be this easy.

A Personalised one to one session – Using suggestion, and hypnotherapy techniques smokers will find it easy to Quit Smoking with me at the ‘No Me, Know You’ Hypnotherapy Clinic in just one single session.

It will empower you and motivate you in many ways to stop and quit smoking for good without side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Most smokers believe that it will be very difficult for them to stop smoking and cause them great distress. I can understand that, as this belief is usually based on their previous experiences – many smokers have tried to quit and failed miserably.

But understanding exactly how smoking works and the psychological motivations behind why you smoke is the KEY to being able to stop permanently and completely. The other important and incredible tool for stopping smoking is HYPNOSIS.

How Hypnosis Helps You become a Non Smoker:

Hypnosis is not only the most effective ways of quitting smoking-it’s permanent! By working with that part of your mind (outside of your conscious control) that keeps you smoking; hypnosis eliminates that internal battle so many people experience when giving up smoking.

Why Will Power Doesn’t Work:

When thinking of quitting smoking it’s natural to believe that it takes a lot of willpower. You may say to yourself “If only I had more willpower, I would be able to quit.” Willpower is a function of your conscious mind, but the habit of smoking is controlled by part of your unconscious mind.
Therefore, using willpower to quit smoking is simply the wrong tool for the job and a waste of effort and energy which often ends in tears.

Hypnosis has long been the most effective, proven method of stopping smoking available in the world. All that is required is that you have a genuine desire to quit.

What Are The Benefits of Quitting Smoking?

  • When you quit tobacco, you will regain taste and smell within a few days.
  • When you quit tobacco, your breathing will return to being more regular and natural.
  • When you quit tobacco, you will regain a steadier rhythm of life; you will sleep more soundly and thus feel more relaxed.
  • When you quit tobacco, you will regain peace of mind and your taste for life: the stress, anxiety and irritability that are provoked by giving up cigarettes will rapidly fade away and the related advantages will quickly take the upper hand.
  • When you quit tobacco, you will spend less money, and even save some.
  • When you quit smoking, your skin and hair will regain a healthier appearance, as well as your fingers, teeth and breath, which no longer show your habits.
  • When you quit smoking, you will regain your place in society: the increasing predominance of smoke-free public spaces allows you to live a healthy and normal life avoiding permanent tobacco temptation.
  • No matter whether you are a regular, occasional, younger or older smoker, it is always the right time to quit smoking, even if you have to try several times.